Entrepreneur, Consultant, Bitcoin And Open Blockchains Expert

Ahmet Seyhan is an early bitcoin investor, advocate and entrepreneur with expertise in the Bitcoin Blockchain and Bitcoin transactions. He is known for his insightful writings and speeches on the Bitcoin network's operation and its impact on the global economy, modern banking, governments, security, and freedom.
As an influential Bitcoin advocate, Ahmet Seyhan has created the first short bitcoin documentary in Turkey, educating and promoting Bitcoin to a wider audience. Ahmet Seyhan's work has gone beyond Bitcoin to explore its impact on the global economy, modern banking, governments, security, and individual freedom.
With a deep understanding of the potential of Bitcoin, he engages with businesses, communities, and individuals to show its true power and how it can change the world. He is a dynamic speaker who is able to articulate complex technical concepts in a clear and accessible manner.
His passion for Bitcoin extends beyond his professional life, as he is an active member of the Bitcoin community and is always seeking new opportunities to innovate and improve the technology. His unique combination of technical expertise and entrepreneurial spirit makes him an invaluable asset to any organization seeking to explore the potential of Bitcoin and blockchain technology.



Earlier Career

Ahmet Seyhan began his career as an accountant, with a diverse range of international experience spanning several countries including Turkey, Czech Republic, United Kingdom, and Norway. He has worked in the oil and gas industry, with a focus on major players such as Exxon Mobil and Shell. With extensive experience in treasury management, credit, collections, and general ledger analysis, Ahmet Seyhan has developed a strong skill set that allows him to contribute effectively to any organization's financial operations. His ability to work in cross-cultural settings and navigate complex financial environments is a testament to his versatility and adaptability.


In early 2013, he discovered Bitcoin and was immediately intrigued by its potential to transform the world. As someone with a keen interest in politics and economics, Ahmet saw the revolutionary potential of this technology and began to explore it in depth. He purchased his first Bitcoin for less than $100 and has been dedicated to learning every aspect of the technology ever since. Over the years, Ahmet has gained a deep understanding of the technical and economic principles that underlie Bitcoin. He has also become an expert in explaining complex concepts in simple terms, making him a recognized speaker and commentator in the space. Ahmet's insights and knowledge are frequently sought by individuals, businesses, and policymakers.


Ahmet Seyhan has played an instrumental role in several Bitcoin and Blockchain related projects. He co-founded Fuund and LayerX and played a vital role in these projects at Istanbul Technical University. He focused on bitcoin, open blockchain technologies, blockchain-based supercomputers, and distributed internet protocols. In addition, he shares his knowledge and insights on Bitcoin and Blockchain Projects by publishing articles on Medium. Currently, he also works as a consultant. In addition to his expertise in the technology and finance, he is also a certified translator for English, Norwegian, and Turkish. He uses his language skills to help bridge international companies.