Entrepreneur, Consultant, Bitcoin And Open Blockchains Expert

Ahmet Seyhan is an early bitcoin investor, bitcoin advocate, speaker, writer and an entrepreneur. He is also known for his work promoting bitcoin including creating the first short bitcoin documentary in Turkey. His works haven't been only about bitcoin but also its impact on global economy, modern banking, governments, security and freedom. He approaches businesses, communities, and individuals to show the true power of bitcoin and how it can change the world.



Earlier Career

Ahmet Seyhan has started his carrer as an accountant. He worked in many countries including Turkey, Czech Republic, United Kingdom and Norway. Mostly worked in oil and gas industry including giants such as Exxon Mobil and Shell. He has extensive and diverse accounting experience in treasury management, credit, collections and general ledger analysis.


In early 2013, Ahmet Seyhan discovered bitcoin. As a person who always had heavy interest in politics and economics, he immediately became interested. That year, he also bought his very first bitcoin and the price he had to pay for it was less than a hundred dollars. Since then, he has been trying to understand every layer of this technology as well as learning how to explain it to others.


Ahmet Seyhan has been involved in numerous Bitcoin and Blockchain related projects. He is the cofounder of Fuund and LayerX. He worked with these two projects at Istanbul Technical University and researched open blockchain technologies, blockchain based supercomputers and distrubuted internet protocols. He also continues working as a consultant.